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Sita’s CD: Everything is Possible

Sita’s second CD focuses on healing your body and mind.

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Sita’s CD: Everyone Can Meditate

Everyone Can Meditate has inspired countless people to find peace and the courage to grow through the practice of meditation. It’s part of her commitment to spread the message that this simple practice has the potential to transform lives regardless of experience, religious affiliation or time constraints.

With this CD, Sita hopes to offer the gift of inner peace and a better life to all seekers. Although it is made with the absolute beginner in mind, it is also very beneficial to those who have had some experience with meditation.

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What people are saying about Everyone Can Meditate

Hi!  I have purchased your CD at McNally’s and I wanted to thank you for recording it. I have tried other CD’s but have not had much luck concentrating.  I find that with your CD it is easier.  So, thank you very much.

Florence, Winnipeg

I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your CD. Faithfully  every  morning and evening I do the meditation and it is working for me (I think). I feel calm when especially in the morning I wake and sit on my bed – it is a very peaceful way to start my day. Thank you for this Sita – I am SO glad I found you.

Gail, Winnipeg

I want to thank you for producing your CD. I have slipped away from meditating and my spirit has suffered as a result. I just used your CD this am and was profoundly pleased at the excellent quality. It was like having “Sita to Go.” As soon as I heard your voice I felt the stress melt away!!! I am grateful that you took on this project to produce this CD!

Pat, Winnipeg

Webinar Recording: Overcoming Anxiety with Meditation

A recording of a webinar held on February 18, 2013.

Webinar Recording: Overcoming Depression with Meditation

A recording of a webinar held on February 25, 2013.

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